Worried About a Leaning Tree on Your Property?

Worried About a Leaning Tree on Your Property?

Our tree services in Southfield & Farmington Hills, MI can take care of it

When you need to take care of a tree on your property in Southfield or Farmington Hills, MI, you can rely on Leig's Landscape. Our tree services will be able to make sure your tree problems are a thing of the past.

We'll be able to remove any tree no matter the size. Our experienced climbers and bucket truck operators will ensure that the tree is removed properly and safely. Plus, we'll be able to grind down the stump for a flawless finish.

Speak to a member of our team today to get a free estimate on our tree services.

When to get a tree removed

Tree removals can be tricky and quite dangerous to try and do on your own. Therefore, when you want a tree gone, it's best to call in the pros.

Our tree removal services are great for when you want to:

Clear up space in your yard
Get rid of a tree blocking your view
Take care of a diseased or dangerous tree

Whatever the reason, we can get your tree problems taken care of. Reach out to us today at 586-707-0224 to schedule a tree removal service.